Kopitiam Chair Print Mask (Technicolour Series)

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Celebrate quirky things we love about Singapore – this print features a repeated print of our beloved 'Kopitiam' red chairs, along with 'chope' tissue packets, a stray ginger cat and a mynah bird.

Own a piece of Singapore's heritage today!

  • Comes with an N95 hydrophobic filter (water-repellent filter)
  • Features an inner pocket to hold filter insert
  • Is made of Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Comes in 3 sizes:
    • Large (width x height): 22.5cm x 16cm
    • Small (width x height): 21.5cm x 13.5cm
    • Kids (width x height): 19.5cm x 13cm 

What you are getting: 1 x CYC reusable fabric mask + 1 x filter.

We recommend getting 2 masks per person so you can rotate your masks when the other is in the wash.

Offer: Buy 8 masks & up from the Technicolour series and get a further 20% discount on the masks (You can combine the kids' sizes, small sizes and large sizes).

How should you wash your CYC mask? How many times can you wash the filter? We answer your CYC mask-related questions in our Mask FAQ.

About 3-7 working days for local deliveries.

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Kopitiam Chair Print Mask